mlk_at_home_01On Eve Of MLK Day, Will Adultery Keep Epic Dr. King Movie Off The Big Screen?
By Mike Fleming Jr. – Oliver Stone has run smack into the same wall on a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr biopic that director Paul Greengrass hit when Universal kicked his MLK project Memphis to the curb two years back.

OSCARS: Who Were The Unsung Heroes Of 2014′s Academy Award Pics?
By The Deadline Team – On every film there’s someone who doesn’t get as much credit as they deserve. People in the background who fight for the movie, whose insight or work is crucial to the film, whose efforts start the ball rolling. For instance, for Gravity, it was Alfonso Cuaron’s son (and writing partner, Jonas), who inspired him by saying, “Your films are all right, but you’ve got to get more entertaining,” Cuaron remembered backstage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel after the Golden Globes last Sunday.

WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein Has Change of Heart On Violent Content In Films: “The Change Starts Here”, Says He Will Change His Choices In Regard To Violence: Video
By Anita Busch – A day after he announced he was going to make a film taking on the NRA with Meryl Streep, Harvey Weinstein — the producer of several violent films — told CNN’s Piers Morgan in an interview to air tonight that he has had a change of heart about violent content in film.

The Weinstein Co., Meryl Streep To Take Down NRA In ‘The Senator’s Wife’
By Anita Busch – The title will be The Senator’s Wife, the star, Oscar winner Meryl Streep and the producer, The Weinstein Co. The target: the NRA.

Ride-AlongBox Office: Party At Universal: ‘Ride Along’ A $48M+ Phenom Set To Break Records As Highest MLK Holiday Opener Ever; ‘Lone Survivor’ Takes No Prisoners At No 2; ‘Jack Ryan’ Who?; ‘The Nut Job’ Big Win, Biggest Non-Studio Animated Opener
By Anita Busch – Big 3-day MLK weekend with box office showing a 30% increase from last year to become second biggest MLK weekend ever with an est. $215.5M take total. Hey, thanks, Uni for giving it a one-two punch (Lone Survivor, $23.2M 3-day).

SAG Awards Film: ‘American Hustle’ Gets A Big Boost, But Will These First Guild Results Impress Oscar?
By Pete Hammond – More often than not the SAG Awards turn out to be a very good barometer of future Oscar success. If that continues to be the case this year then things are looking awfully good for Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett, Jared Leto, Lupita Nyong’o and American Hustle, the latter winning the Outstanding Cast award which is sometimes a harbinger of Best Picture success — as it was last year when the cast of Argo won.

Fleming On 2014 Sundance Forecast: Thriving Indie Biz Makes Appetite Strong; Un-Commercial Slate Could Limit Big Deals
By Mike Fleming Jr. – The Sundance Film Festival market gets underway tonight, and it could start with a bidding bang for Whiplash, seen here first as a short and now a feature starring Miles Teller as a drummer trying to survive his ruthless school band conductor (J.K. Simmons). Then again, buyers could find it’s not the second coming of Precious, Beasts Of The Southern Wild, or last year’s gem Fruitvale Station.

braffSundance: Zach Braff On ‘Wish I Was Here’ Kickstarter Campaign, His Critics & Industry Change
By Dominic PattenZach Braff understands critics of his multimillion-dollar Kickstarter campaign for Wish I Was Here, which premieres today at the Sundance Film Festival, but says they’re missing the big picture.

OSCARS: Best Actor Nominee Leonardo DiCaprio On Scorsese, ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’: “I Knew It Would Be Polarizing”
By Jen Yamato – A Best Actor nomination is just one award-season reward this year for Leonardo DiCaprio, who not only stars in Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf Of Wall Street but produced the passion project alongside his mentor and five-time collaborator.

OSCARS: How Academy’s Most Obscure Nominee – Maybe EVER – Managed To Beat Out Taylor Swift, Coldplay And Celine Dion: Video
By Pete Hammond – Of all today’s Oscar nominees the one that caused the most head-scratching among pundits and critics was Alone Yet Not Alone. Say what?