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2014-15 TNT New Series


STUDIO: Turner Originals
TEAM: Kyra Sedhwick (ep), Rob Bragin (w, ep), Jill Littman (ep), Tom Jacobson (ep), Alex Graves (d, ep)
LOGLINE: PROOF is a serialized supernatural drama series that follows Dr. Carolyn Tyler on a journey toward answering one of life’s greatest mysteries: Is there life after death? A highly trained surgeon, skeptic and believer in hard science, Dr. Tyler is challenged by an eccentric and terminally ill billionaire to prove whether there is an afterlife. After exploring stories about hauntings, near-death experiences, past lives and more, Dr. Tyler slowly evolves from hardline skeptic, to doubter and, ultimately, reluctant believer.
CAST: Jennifer Beals, Matthew Modine, Joe Morton, Edi Gathegi, Caroline Rose Kaplan, Callum Blue, Annie Thurman

STUDIO: Amblin TV and TNT Original Prods
TEAM: Ed Burns (w, d, ep), Steven Spielberg (ep), Darryl Frank (ep), Justin Falvey (ep), Aaron Lubin (ep)
LOGLINE: PUBLIC MORALS, from writer-director-producer-star Edward Burns, is a gritty, intense crime drama set in the world of the Vice Division of the New York City Police Department in the 1960s. The drama follows Terry Muldoon, a Public Morals detective trying to maintain control over his tightly ordered world as the city and the times around him are undergoing profound cultural changes. In this serialized cop drama, Muldoon and his team will confront a number of challenges, from keeping a lid on prostitution and gambling rings to being thrust into a deadly turf war that breaks out between the new and old factions of the Irish Mob. Public Morals is inspired by Burns’ own life growing up in a family of cops in a morally ambivalent, very dangerous time.
CAST: Ed Burns, Katrina Bowden, Michael Rapaport, Austin Sowell, Patrick Murney, Brian Wiles, Elizabeth Masucci

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