Specialty Box OfficeIn its limited debut, Spike Jonze‘s Her opened on 6 screens and tallied $257,815 over 3 days averaging $42,969 per screen. The tech-themed drama-romance starring Joaquin Phoenix as a man in love with his Siri-esque operating system (Scarlett Johansson) jumped to $361,474 over 5 days, averaging $60,246 for WB which has Oscar hopes for Phoenix. And beyond the Hobbits and Ron Burgundy shenanigans it was a Bollywood weekend in the USA (and Canada) this weekend. Bollywood also bows to the franchise machine and it cashed in with Dhoom 3, which Yash Raj Films opened in 236 theaters in North America, grossing over $3.3M and averaging a solid $14K. America and India did not have a good week diplomatically as protests raged in the subcontinent after a diplomat was arrested in NYC. Yash Raj touted some exciting factoids about the release Sunday morning: Dhoom 3 had the highest opening day gross of any Indian movie in North America Highest opening weekend gross of any Indian movie in North America Dhoom 3 box office First Bollywood movie to do over $1 million on opening day. Only Bollywood movie to do more than $1 million on 2 consecutive days. “Our biggest strength has been that our audiences are so clued in that technically we just need to announce a date and they will be there for a film like this,” Yash Raj’s VP – Int’l Operations, Avtar Panesar said this week. It will roll out further in the coming weeks.

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China also made a grand opening with Feng Xiaogang’s Personal Tailor, launching in 9 locations this weekend. It opened in 9 runs, growing $104K for an $11,555 PSA. The film opened in China grossing $13M in a big release. “We think this is one of Feng Xiaogang’s smartest films yet, a biting satire indicting Chinese society and politics — something we were surprised got past the Mainland censors for release at all,” said distributor China Lion’s Robert Lundberg.

SPC opened Asghar Farhadi’s follow-up to his Oscar-winner A Separation this weekend. The Past was snubbed in the Academy’s foreign language short list, and did so-so as it platformed this weekend in three theaters. It grossed just under $31K, averaging $10,314. It will head to several additional cities January 10 with more added into February following a similar trajectory as A Separation. That film grossed over $7 million domestically.

Inside Llewyn DavisCBS Films took its Golden Globe nominee Inside Llewyn Davis into 133 additional theaters in its third weekend, grossing a cool $1,061,000 for a $7,169 average, inching out Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom among holdovers in the averages game (though that film was only in 4 theaters) among holdovers. So Llewyn Davis is flexing some b.o. chops before it heads wide in the New Year. Noted CBS Films Monday morning: ” The film will not be expanding in a major way again until January but if the above numbers are any indication of the next two weeks then we’ll be sitting pretty.”

Among other holdovers, Paramount Vantage added 60 theaters for Nebraska in its sixth weekend, grossing $580K for a $1,871 PSA. The film averaged $3,400 in 250 theaters last weekend. Searchlight’s 12 Years A Slave settled into 301 theaters in its 10th weekend, down from 497 last weekend. It averaged $1,213 from Friday to Sunday as it continues to rack up Awards bravado. Fellow hopeful Dallas Buyers Club also shed some locations in its 8th week. It grossed almost $350K in 330 theaters (last week, it played 574), averaging $1,057. It passed the $15M theshold this week. Similarly, Roadside/Lionsgate’s All Is Lost also downsized, playing 81 theaters in its 10th week. It grossed $47,500, averaging $586. Last week it averaged $626 in 261 theaters.

Dhoom 3
(Yash Raj Films) NEW [236 Theaters] Weekend $3,305,000, Average $14,004
The Past (Sony Pictures Classics) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $30,942, Average $10,314
Personal Trainer (China Lion) NEW [9 Theaters] Weekend $104K, Average $11,555

Holdovers / 3RD+ Weekends

Breakfast With Curtis (Abramorama and Bond360) Week 3 [ Theater] Weekend $
Inside Llewyn Davis (CBS Films) Week 3 [148 Theaters] Weekend $1,061,000, Average $7,169, Cume $2,112,150
Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom (The Weinstein Company) Week 4 [4 Theaters] Weekend $28,472, Average $7,118, Cume $292,234
Philomena (The Weinstein Company) Week 5 [738 Theaters] Weekend $1,225,000, Average $1,660, Cume $13,336,552
The Great Beauty (Janus Films) Week 6 [42 Theaters] Weekend $68,780, Average $1,638, Cume $651,298
Nebraska (Paramount Vantage) Week 6 [310 Theaters] Weekend $580K, Average $1,871, Cume $4,385,366
Dallas Buyers Club (Focus Features) Week 8 [330 Theaters] Weekend $348,804, Average $1,057, Cume $15,157,631
All Is Lost (Roadside/Lionsgate) Week 10 [81 Theaters] Weekend $47,500, Average $586, Cume $5,839,524
12 Years A Slave (Fox Searchlight) Week 10 [301 Theaters] Weekend $365K, Average $1,213, Cume $37,075,226
Inequality For All (RADiUS-TWC) Week 13 [13 Theaters] Weekend $662, Average $221, Cume $1,190,950
20 Feet From Stardom (RADiUS-TWC) Week 28 [10 Theaters] Weekend $2,504, Average $250, Cume $4,804,150