danabrodykimbauerA decade ago, Fox’s 24 had a Kim Bauer problem. Jack Bauer’s daughter was a high school girl who couldn’t keep herself out of trouble, with her predicaments sometimes bordering on ridiculous. Fans started a petition to ship her off to college and away from the show. And after three seasons, the producers did, with the actress who played her, Elisha Cuthbert, leaving as a regular (but coming back for occasional guest appearances). For the past couple of years, Showtime‘s Homeland, the new series from 24 executive producer Howard Gordon, has had the same problem with Dana Brody, the high school daughter of its male protagonist, and her penchant for drama and getting herself in trouble, mocked memorably by Saturday Night Live.

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baccarinFans of the show too had rallied to get her off. And after three seasons, the exact point Kim Bauer left 24,  Dana Brody too has been phased out. Like Cuthbert, Morgan Saylor too will no longer be a regular on the show but likely making guest appearances. Also stepping down as a regular is Morena Baccarin, who played Nicholas Brody’s wife and Dana’s mother Jessica.

Speculation that the two would not stay on the show full time was swirling last winter after Brody went on the run following the Season 2 finale bombing, severing ties with his family. The two stayed on, though Jessica has barely been seen this season and Dana too has not been heard of recently. That was unfortunate for Baccarin after a career high in Season 2, which earned the actress her first major awards recognition, an Emmy nomination. The news of Saylor and Baccarin’s change of status was first reported by TV Line.