Jerry-Bruckheimer Paramount PicturesJerry Bruckheimer may have his TV deal at Warner Bros, but sources say a feature deal at the studio for the producer is no longer in play. Bruckheimer now is looking to set up his lucrative production deal at Paramount. Sources close to the negotiation tell Deadline that they hope to seal a deal in the coming week but would not elaborate on the specifics — for instance, whether Bruckheimer would be given any special incentives or what the length of term might be.

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Bruckheimer is one of the few brand-name producers in town, having worked for years to establish himself as such and making a mint for Disney with the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He also is one of the most expensive producer deals in town, pulling in hefty Paramount-Pictures-Logoproducing fees and backend deals. He has also made a name for himself in television with such successful franchises as CSI and The Amazing Race.

The producer previously had a long run at Paramount with his former producing partner, the late Don Simpson, where they churned out Top Gun, Beverly Hills Cop and Flashdance in their heyday.

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Bruckheimer would go back to the studio that launched his feature career after his deal with Disney ends early next year. He and Simpson left Paramount after 1990’s Days Of  Thunder and started off small initially with The Ref, but it wasn’t long before he began producing hit after hit for Disney under the Jeffrey Katzenberg regime,  beginning with Crimson Tide and The Rock later the National Treasure and Pirates series.

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After The Lone Ranger, which Disney took a major hit on, cracks in Disney’s and Bruckheimer’s relationship came to the fore, and the producer began looking to set up shop elsewhere. Their split was made official in September.