The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 22“I always tell people if they think I am this conservative operative, ‘Ask Karl Rove if that’s true’,” Megyn Kelly told Jay Leno in making her first visit to NBC‘s Tonight show. “The way we do it on the Fox News Channel is the straight news anchors—like myself—give a hard time to both sides.”

She singled out Anthony Weiner as a  “contentious interview”:  “He used to come on the show, and he was so full of hubris and he was so—sort of—in your face… If you were walking around with that kind of secret, and you were going on the national news, wouldn’t you dial it back a little bit,” she asked, turning to Leno’s other guest, Simon Cowell. “I don’t know,” said Cowell, who is in the news these days for getting a pal’s estranged wife pregnant. Kelly reminisced about the time her show put up on the screen a graphic showing congress has a lower approval rating than cockroaches and hemorrhoids. Leno suggested “the internet” has caused the congressional stalemate. Kelly said it would help if the White House would do more outreach to congressional leaders but  that it doesn’t help to have the Republican leader in the Senate saying their primary goal is to stop Barack Obama‘s agenda, adding she doesn’t know how to fix it but “I know it’s great to cover as a news person.”

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