Nearly 9 million tuned in to A&E Networks one-hour Duck Dynasty Christmas special last night. Duck Dynasty Christmas Special RatingsWhile that’s not the show’s biggest crowd this year — the Season 4 premiere clocked nearly 12 million –it’s a nearly 40% spike compared to last year’s holiday special. In its 10 PM slot, that 9 million included 4.6 million in the 25-54 demo and  4.5 million in the 18-49 demo, a jump of  21% and 15%, respectively. That’s great news for A&E — and for the makers of Chia Pet, who are promoting Duck Dynasty Chia Pets during the holiday shopping season. The show’s Season 4 debut is still on the books as the No. 1-rated nonfiction series telecast in cable history  and is the series’ best season to date, ratings-wise. Season 5 is set to premiere January 15.