Here’s the new Viewfinder List, the entertainment industryFool'sDay survey which polls studio executives, producers and creatives for their top 10 short films, commercials and/or music videos. This is similar to The Black List, as the Viewfinder List honors short form content and the directors who made them. The list was created by producer Jeff Schroeder, Aaron Schmidt (Langley Park Pictures) and Patrick Chu (FilmNation). In recent years, some of the shorts have been optioned and some of their directors have gotten jobs — and hey, the attention never hurts. This year’s top vote-getter, Fool’s Day, was directed by Cody Blue Snider, the son of Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider. Here is the website where it is possible to watch the shorts:

Viewfinder List 2012
Viewfinder List 2011

Votes: 17
Fool’s Day, directed by Cody Blue Snider
Agents: WME – Roger Green, Solco Schuit
Managers: Circle of Confusion – Zach Cox

Noah, directed by Patrick Cederberg & Walter Woodman
Agents: WME – Jeff Gorin, Jordan Cerf, Simon Faber, Andrew Mathes, Ryan McNeily, Sarah Self
Managers: Anonymous – Bard Dorros, Tariq Merhab, Michael Sugar

Controller, directed by Saman Keshavarz
Agents: UTA – Emerson Davis, Ramses Ishak, Michael Sheresky
Manager: Energy – Angelina Chen

Room 8, directed by James Griffiths
Agent: CAA
Managers: Fourth Floor Productions – Jeff Silver, Chris Goble

Orbit Ever After, directed by Jamie Stone
Agent: WME – David Karp

Biting Elbows – Bad Motherf*cker, directed by Ilya Naishuller
Agents: WME – Mike Simpson, Rich Cook,
Manager: IV Management – Inga Vainshtein

The Cub, directed by Riley Stearns
Managers: Oasis – Ben Rowe

Orange Drive, directed by Mark Lester
Agents: Verve – Parker Davis, Chris Noriega, Melissa Solomon, Adam Weinstein
Manager: Madhouse – Ryan Cunningham

Aftermath, directed by Jeremy Robbins
Agents: ICM – Cullen Conly, Harley Copen
Managers: Management 360 – Jill McElroy, Adam Riback

Chipotle – The Scarecrow, directed by Lampton Enochs, William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg
(no rep info)

Higher, directed by Nabil Elderkin
Agents: CAA
Managers: Management 360 – Darin Friedman, Dean Schnider

Whiplash, directed by Damien Chazelle
Agent: WME – Roger Green
Manager: Exile Entertainment – Gary Unger

Manifold, directed by Anthony Scott Burns
Agents: WME – Phil D’Amecourt, Mike Simpson
Managers: Anonymous – Bard Dorros, Tariq Merhab

Lunar, directed by Tyson Wade Johnston
Agents: CAA
Manager: IAM Entertainment – Scott Glassgold

The Camp Gyno, directed by Jamie Mccelland & Pete Marquis
Managers: Oasis – Audrey Gordon

Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, directed by Hiro Murai
Managers: Gotham Group – Nate Matteson, Eric Robinson

Aningaaq, directed by Jonas Cuaron
Agents: UTA – Keya Khayatian, Steve Rabineau

Abe, directed by Rob Mclellan
Agent: APA – Chris Ridenhour
Manager: Caliber – Adam Marshall

The Guy Who’s Fucking Your Girlfriend, directed by Shane McCarthy
Agents: Verve – Rob Herting, Adam Levine

Keloid, directed by J.J. Palomo
Manager: IAM – Scott Glassgold

Dear White People, directed by Justin Simien
Agents: WME – Charles King, Mark Ankner
Manager: Oasis – Ben Rowe

Jonah, directed by Kibwe Tavares
UK Agents: Casarotto Ramsay – Anthony Mestriner, Jodi Shields
Agent: CAA

Death of a Shadow, directed by Tom Van Avermaet
Agent: CAA

The Blue Umbrella directed by Saschka Unseld
Agents: Verve – Rob Herting, Bryan Besser

Exiles directed by Tommy Bertelsen
Agent: Sandra Luchessi
Managers: Fourth Floor Productions – Chris Goble. Zac Frognowski