2ND UPDATE MONDAY 10 AM: This is a new one — after slamming MTV for Miley Cyrus’ twerking at the Video Music Awards in August, the Parents Television Council today praised the network for censoring Cyrus’ smoking of an apparent marijuana joint at the European Music Awards where she again twerked with a dwarf. “We applaud MTV for taking responsible actions to eliminate the drug use from its U.S. broadcast, and we urge them to make that a uniform policy for all of its programming,” said PTC President Tim Winter.

UPDATE, 6:25 PM: The MTV censors have spoken. The EMAs just aired on the East Coast, and the portion of Miley Cyrus‘ acceptance speech where she lights up what looks like a joint has been cut out. In the edited version that aired in the U.S., Cyrus barely says one line before the camera cuts to an ultra wide shot of the audience and comes back to her for an awkward good-bye. (You can watch and compare the unedited and cut versions below. UPDATE: MTV has moved in to remove the clips with Cyrus’ smoking from video sharing sites.) Had MTV opted to leave the smoking stunt by the 20-year-old Cyrus in, the network most certainly would’ve gotten into hot water with watchdogs and parents.

PREVIOUS 3:50 PM: After the headline-grabbing twerking at the MTV VMAs, Miley Cyrus had been billed as the main attraction for today’s MTV EMAs, with MTV’s promos asking “How Wild Will Miley Get At The EMAs?” Her music performance didn’t break new ground in lowbrow/shock entertainment with more dwarf twerking. But her acceptance speech for Best Music Video will likely create headaches for U.S. censors. During the show, Cyrus pulled out a suspicious-looking cigarette that many have identified as a joint and proceeded to light up and smoke on stage. The ceremony was held in Amsterdam where marijuana is sold in coffee shops. But promoting smoking and likely illegal substances to minors who make up a big portion of the MTV audience in the U.S. is sure to stir controversy and strong reaction from advocacy groups. MTV has yet to respond to requests for comment about whether the smoking incident will be aired in the U.S.

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