VFX Obama Mommy Why

Via @BillyBrooks

VFX artists and supporters have gathered in Glendale for today’s “Go Green” rally organized around President Obama‘s visit to DreamWorks Animation. (The President is slated to address an audience on the closed DWA campus shortly; look for coverage from Deadline’s Dominic Patten.) Security was in place around DWA as the “Go Green” rally marched down Flower Street:

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Inside the DWA event, new L.A. film czar Tom Sherak said of the protesters: “This situation didn’t happen overnight. We have to find a way to entice these companies to stay here.” The “Go Green” rally however is not directly targeted at the President or union studio DreamWorks Animation. “The President has quite a few other things on his to-do list. Realistically we don’t think he’s going to turn around and make this one of his priorities, but it draws attention to the issue not only to Hollywood but a larger population,” organizer and VFX activist Scott Squires told Deadline ahead of the rally. “It also brings together the VFX community in a united front and focuses attention on what the next step will be.”