Necessary Roughness CancelledEXCLUSIVE: There will be no fourth season of Necessary Roughness, as USA Network has opted not to continue with the series. “We are proud of this show and its writers, which had a unique ability to address topical subjects before they unfolded in real life on the sports pages,” the network said in a statement to Deadline. “We want to thank Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro, the incredible cast led by Golden Globe nominee Callie Thorne and our partners at Sony Television.” Necessary Roughness starred Thorne as New York Hawks sports psychologist Dani Santino, who struggles with the threat of losing her practice while attempting to keep her personal life intact. Created by Kruger and Shapiro, Necessary Roughness wasn’t a breakout hit with a big pop culture following for USA. But it developed a loyal audience and has been pretty consistent, ending its three-season run with a respectable average of 4 million viewers. USA made a big push going into Season 3, recruiting several new regulars, including John Stamos as new male lead.

Necessary Roughness tackled a series of hot topics throughout its run. In 2012, it did a story about an athlete struggling with whether or not he should come out publicly because he was concerned about his celebrity image. This past spring, Jason Collins became the first active player in one of the four major American professional team sports to announce publicly that he is gay. This season, as headlines broke about doping in professional sports — particularly the A-Rod controversy — the show’s storyline paralleled real life and featured athletes dealing with illegal performance-enhancing drugs issues.