Even this late in the fall season, last night proved you can still have beginnings and endings. For beginnings, the action was on Fox as Raising Hope returned for a fourth season on a new night. With Jeffrey Tambor making a paternal guest appearance, the comedy aired back-to-back premiere episodes at 9 PM and 9:30 PM with both drawing a 0.7/2. To put it mildly, the move from Tuesdays to a new night did not raise ratings hope for Raising Hope – quite the opposite. The series was down 36% from the season debut of the now shuttered Fringe in the same time period. Compared to Raising Hope’s Season 3 Tuesday 8 PM debut on October 2, 2012, both of last night’s premiere episodes cratered 59% among adults 18-49 and 41% in total viewers. Raising Hope’s lead-in had a slightly softer ride. Moving to the 8 PM Friday slot previously occupied by MasterChef Jr, Bones (1.2/4) was down from the Gordon Ramsay’s little cookers 1.5/5 of last week’s finale. Bones was also down 43% from its prior average on Mondays. Overall, Fox pulled a 1.0/3 rating last night with 3.659 million watching.

In terms of who won the night overall – the crown went to CBS on Friday. With a 1.5/5 rating and 9.957 million viewers, the network was followed among adults 18-49 by Univision’s 1.4/5 and in audience by ABC’s 6.016 million. Part of CBS’s viewership victory was helped by the hefty Blue Bloods (1.4/4).  While up just 8% among the demo, Blue Bloods was once again the most watched show of the night, this time with a viewership of 11.60 million – the biggest viewership since its season premiere.

As Raising Hope began a new season at 9 PM, America’s Next Top Model (0.5/2) ended its 20th cycle with a winner. Unfortunately, on the first season where both men and women were competing for the prize together, ratings were not that unanimous winner for the CW with the finale. While up 25% from last week’s show, Top Model was down 17% from last season’s finale on November 16, 2012. On the flip side, its lead-in The Carrie Diaries (0.4/1) saw a 33% rise among the key demo from last week.

Over on CBS, Hawaii Five-O’s (1.5/5) first demo victory over NBC’s Grimm (1.5/5) at 9 PM last week became a tie last night with the former up 7% from November 8 and the latter rising 15%. Neither was the winner in the slot. That went to Shark Tank (1.7/5) While down 15% from its November 8th show to tie its season low, the ABC entrepreneurial reality series was the highest rated show of the night for the 9th week in a row.

The rest of ABC’s line-up had comedies Last Man Standing (1.3/5) and Neighbors (0.9/3) down 7% and 10% respectively earlier in the night. In terms of Neighbors, that was a season low tie. During the same 8 PM to 9PM time slot, CBS’s Undercover Boss (1.6/6) was down 11% from last week. Later in the night, 20/20 also saw a dip. On at 10 PM, the ABC news mag was down 7% from its November 8 show.

On NBC, the bloodletting stopped on Dracula (0.9/3) or at least bottomed out. After two weeks of big drops following its October 25 debut, the 10 PM freshman vampire series was flat with its November 8 show. Earlier in the night at 8 PM, Dateline had a 10% rise from last week.