Well here is an idea that could be very intimidating for other tunes trying to get a foothold in the OscarDespicable Me 2 race for Best Song this year. Pharrell Williams, who has been on the circuit performing his Academy Award contending song “Happy” from Despicable Me 2has created what is being billed at the world’s first 24-hour music video to showcase it. Shot over 11 days in L.A entirely on Stedicam (the camera crew estimates they walked over 8 miles each day) more than 400 extras appear in it, including several celebrities and the film’s stars Steve Carell and Miranda Cosgrove. All of them hand off to one another as the song continues in a loop. Williams  appears in the video 24 times, at the top of every hour, and then followed by 14 additional performances in the same hour. Here’s a sample:

The emphasis on the song is a big part of Universal’s awards campaign for the movie which at over $900 million worldwide is the biggest grossing hit in the studio’s history. Illumination’s Chris Meledandri stresses the importance of music to the franchise. “The title song ‘Despicable Me’ became a defining anthem for the movie and for the character of Gru. In Despicable Me 2 Gru’s character undergoes tremendous growth and transformation and once again Pharrell has captured the essence of the character in the song ‘Happy’,”  he said. To spend the entire day watching the 24-hour video go to 24hoursofhappy.com. You will automatically be taken to the time in the video that’s reflected on your computer but I am told you can easily skip around to different times in the video with no interruption of the music.