Newly re-elected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie this week’s prettiest dress in the shop — is set to appear on virtually every Sunday Beltway show this weekend AND make his sitcom debut tonight in that long-awaited guest-starring gig on NBC‘s The Michael J. Fox Show.

Throw your mind back to summer TV Press Tour 2013, when NBC’s Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt prattled on happily about this Hillary Clinton miniseries he was developing, little knowing that weeks of GOP fulminating later, there would be this loud pop, and the air would be filled with mangled fragments of that project. That same day at the press tour, folks involved with the network’s new comedy series The Michael J. Fox Show announced presumed 2016 GOP presidential candidate Christie would appear on the series, playing himself, being interviewed by Fox’s local-newscaster character, who falls asleep just as Gov. Christie decides on air,  “I think I should make an announcement.”

TV critics were told back then the appearance would air at some point.

That time is now.

NBC was careful not to air the episode, or talk about it much, until after Christie won re-election this past Tuesday in a walk-over. Christie did likewise, telling the press he did not know when the episode would air, and downplaying the appearance with a gag about their being “no chance of me getting my Screen Actors Guild card anytime soon.”

Three days after his primetime comedy debut, Christie will visit the network’s Sunday Beltway show Meet The Press, as well as CBS’ Face The Nation, ABC’s This Week, and Fox’s Fox News Sunday, where betting money is on his playing coy about speculation he will toss his hat in the ring in the 2016 presidential race. Apparently CNN’s State Of The Union invitation got lost in the mail.

Watch Christie describe his appearance here: