Word that Miley Cyrus lit a joint during her acceptance speech appears to have ignited U.S. viewer interest in the MTV European Music Awards, which clocked its biggest audience ever in this country. That said, its most-watched audience is about 1.2 million viewers.

MTV forecast that, based on early data, the 2013 EMAs is on course to achieve an even higher consolidated worldwide audience than last year, when an estimated 39.4 million viewers tuned in and produced a record global audience for the awards show.

MTV did not forecast how many of those viewers were utterly disappointed in Sunday’s broadcast. As it had done with the U.S. telecast, MTV wiped Miley from its announcement about the trophy show’s “record-breaking response on MTV’s digital and social platforms, marking this year’s show as the best ever in network history for votes, visitors, video views and social media activity.” In the U.S., nearly 2 million page views were registered the day of show, MTV said, without a hint of what might have caused that. MTV did, however, note it’s a year-over-year uptick of more than 1,000%, while day-after page views hit 1.3 million, up 180% year-over-year. (Watch the edited clip of Miley’s acceptance speech after the jump.)

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MTV also forgot to mention give Miley her due credit when the network raved about how the telecasts sparked an enormous volume of social media mentions. Globally, across all social media sites, there were 57.9 million mentions of the EMAs, which MTV gushed was “an incredible triple-digital increase of 624% year over year.” During the U.S. broadcast, the show landed more than 10 trending topics in the U.S. MTV forgot to list them.

Hours after word broke in this country that Cyrus had lit up during her acceptance speech, the EMAs aired on the East Coast, only MTV censored the portion where she lit what looked like a joint. In the edited version that aired in the U.S., Cyrus barely said one line before the camera cut to an ultra-wide shot of the audience and came back to her for an awkward goodbye. MTV also removed the clips with Cyrus’ smoking from video sharing sites.

After her headline-grabbing twerking at the MTV VMAs, MTV had gone to some lengths to bill Miley as the main attraction for its EMAs. “How Wild Will Miley Get At The EMAs?” MTV pondered in its pre-show promos. While her music performance didn’t break any new ground — more (yawn) twerking and tongue showing off — her acceptance speech did. The ceremony was held in Amsterdam, where marijuana is sold in coffee shops. The boatload of viewers in MTV’s core demo was no doubt disappointed in the network’s sudden attack of prudery, but  Parents Television Council — which had slammed MTV for showing Miley twerking at the Video Music Awards in August —  had nothing but praise for MTV this time. “We applaud MTV for taking responsible actions to eliminate the drug use from its U.S. broadcast, and we urge them to make that a uniform policy for all of its programming,” said PTC President Tim Winter.