As its war on piracy rages on, the MPAA has picked Steven Fabrizio to be its new legal general. The senior partner in the Washington DC office of Jenner & Block today was named Senior EVP and Global General Counsel for the movie industry group. “As the MPAA’s new Global General Counsel, he will continue to protect the rights of our industry’s creators and makers so they can do what they do best: tell stories that entertain audiences across the globe,” said MPAA chief Chris Dodd in a statement. Fabrizio, formerly SVP at the Recording Industry Association of America, certainly has a lot of experience in that role: He’s already handled some pretty big cases for the MPAA, repping it and the studios in a victory against file-sharing service Hotfile this past August. He also took the lead in securing the $110 million settlement Hollywood received from now-closed file-sharing site isoHunt last month. At Jener & Block soince 2003, Fabrizio is scheduled to start his new gig next month.

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