EXCLUSIVE: FX has put in development Desperadoes, a six-hour miniseries about one of the most dangerous gangs of the Old West, the Dalton Brothers. Based on the 1979 novel by Ron Hansen, the project is written by Robert Knott, who is executive producing with Josh Maurer and Alixandre Witlin. Desperadoes, produced by Fox TV Studios, chronicles the infamous Dalton Gang’s dangerous crime spree in the 1890s, as seen through the eyes of the youngest brother Emmett Dalton. The gang, which included three Dalton brothers, specialized in bank and train robberies. In Hansen’s book, Emmet Dalton — aged 65 in 1937 — is the sole survivor of the infamous gang and makes a living by selling his outrageous stories of murder, bootlegging and thievery to Hollywood. Actor-writer-producer Knott, who has signed with APA, has appeared in more than three dozen films and has collaborated with actor-director Ed Harris on several projects including Pollock. The two currently are developing Tulsa, a cable project about the early oil boom. Knott also authored the best-selling novel Robert B. Parker’s Ironhorse. His second novel Bull River is scheduled for a January release. He is also repped by Thruline and Allison Binder.