EXCLUSIVE: The former AMPAS president said last month that he was going to bring a high-profile industry individual on board at City Hall as his “consigliere” – and now he has. Former Motion Picture Association of America president Bob Pisano will serve as an informal advisor to Tom Sherak in the city’s Entertainment Industry and Production office, I’ve learned. Pisano’s primary role will be to help Sherak put together an informal committee to come up with proposals for City Hall and the State legislature to increase production in LA. Pisano stepped down as interim CEO of the MPAA in the fall of 2011 after former Senator Chris Dodd was named CEO and Chairman of the lobby group. Before that Pisano had been the President and COO of the MPAA. The former studio exec and SAG National Executive Director had held that role since 2005. Pisano is currently the chairman of the board of the Motion Picture and Television Fund. Now in his new civic role, Pisano will also help Sherak on a plan to present to Mayor Eric Garcetti early next year. The SAG-AFTRA card carrying Mayor tapped Sherak in late September as to become LA’s Film Czar.

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