Now that he could be facing jail time for his Friday Twitter rampage, is Anger Management‘s Charlie Sheen looking to make some amends today? Two days after violating a gag order issued during his ongoing child custody case with a string of erratic Tweets attacking both the presiding judge and ex-wife Brooke Mueller, Sheen Tweeted to his former Two and a Half Men EP Chuck Lorre promising an apology – and more. Sheen’s string of Lorre insults during the actor’s very public meltdown in early 2011 led to his dismissal from the long-runing comedy series. “Hey Chuck,” Sheen wrote this morning. “I have an idea that u need to hear after I make amends to you and yours. Which I will do in person,” he posted, along with a photo of their 2007 People’s Choice Award for Men. Legit apologia, soul searching in the face of jail time or another public Sheen stunt in the making? Lorre has yet to respond.