UPDATED, 9 AM: Broadcast network Premiere Week numbers for 30-day multi-platform playback on DVR, VOD, online, etc. are out, confirming that overnight Nielsen ratings are now very preliminary reads and the broadcast networks got off to a much better start this season than originally reported. CBS weighed in this morning, reporting that the overall audience for the premiere episode of new Monday drama Hostages initially reported at a disappointing 7.41 million viewers, based on Nielsen fast nationals issued the next morning — now stands 15.54 million strong. That’s a jump of 110% with the 30-day multi-platform playback factored in. Similarly, the opening audience for Chuck Lorre’s new CBS comedy Mom jumped 72%, from 7.99 million viewers, to 13.77 million. And the crowd for the opening night of David E. Kelley’s new Robin Williams comedy The Crazy Ones now stands at nearly 24 million viewers, after growing 52% over the 30 days.

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Fox, which launched new series before Premiere Week, had already reported 30-day multi-platform total audiences for the majority of its premieres delivered lifts of 80% to 108% versus the series’ same-day deliveries. Fox’s premiere of Sleepy Hollow on September 16 soared 108% to 26.4 million viewers across Live, DVR, VOD and streaming on Hulu.com and Fox.com. Brooklyn Nine-Nine climbed 97% to 14.6 million viewers across platforms. Returning New Girl and The Mindy Project snagged lifts of 80%. Fox also noted a 76% increase in viewing of its in-season shows on Hulu than at same point last season (34.3 mil views vs. 19.5 mil).

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Important to note: Networks are measuring multi-platform viewing differently. CBS, for example, reports on “average audience,” the average audience of each minute of viewership. Fox’s numbers reflect “total audience,” the number of viewers who watched at least 6 minutes of the episode. Fox argues this is more akin to the way streaming views are measured.

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In other CBS 30-day news: The season premieres of NCIS and The Big Bang Theory both grew to more than 26 mil, and the opening-night audience for Elementary has swelled from 10.18 million viewers to 15.99 mil.

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You’ve probably seen the news reports about the jump in time-delayed viewing this season, as late-adopters (older viewers) are joining the trend — older viewers being a key component of CBS’ “We are broadcasters” message. “This season we already are seeing a substantially greater use of time-shifting by viewers to expand their viewing horizons, leading to larger overall audiences for the most popular programs, including both the established hits and the hot newcomers,” CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack said in this morning’s news.

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