Comedies Alpha House and Betas, coincidentally named after the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, will debut on Amazon on November 15 and November 22, respectively. The first three of each series’ 11 episodes will be available to all Amazon customers for free. After that, one episode of each show will become available weekly on Amazon’s subscription service Prime Instant Video. “We’re constantly experimenting and trying new things—and we’re eager to hear customers’ feedback on this model,” said Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios.

Alpha House, written by Garry Trudeau and produced by Trudeau, Elliot Webb and Jonathan Alter, revolves around four misfit senators (John Goodman, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy and Mark Consuelos) who rent a house together in Washington DC. The four are joined by Cynthia Nixon, Amy Sedaris, Wanda Sykes, and Julie White.

Set in the land of Silicon Valley start-ups, Betas, written by Evan Endicott and Josh Stoddard, follows four friends as they attempt to strike it rich with a new mobile social networking app. Joe Dinicol, Karan Soni, Jon Daly, Charlie Saxton, and Maya Erskine star in the show, with special appearances from Ed Begley Jr. Michael Lehmann directs and produces the show along with Alan Freedland and Alan Cohen and Michael London.