EXCLUSIVE: 3D indie action crime thriller Run, starring Chronicles of Narnia actor William Moseley, has been acquired by Millennium Entertainment. The parkour flick follows American teenager Daniel Lombardi (Moseley) who uses his free-running skills to pull off small robberies with his father (Adrian Pasdar) until a new girlfriend (Kelsey Chow) and the promise of going straight encourages him to use his skills for good. Eric Roberts and Boardwalk Empire‘s Edoardo Ballerini co-star as lifelong enemies of Daniel’s dad who start closing in on the duo. As parkour movies go, the art of hurdling urban obstacles exploded with Euro actioners like 2005’s District B13 and filtered into Hollywood blockbusters including Casino Royale and The Bourne Ultimatum – but the trend has slowed down of late. Still, Simone Bartesaghi was so enamored with the discipline and its potential for filming practical stunts that he wrote and directed Run and makes his helming debut with the film, which won Best Screenplay at the Milan International Film Festival and won Best Emerging Director and Best 3D honors at L.A.’s 3D Film Festival.

Millennium is setting Run for a January theatrical release as international sales open at AFM. Intrinsic Value Films’ Aimee Schoof and Isen Robbins produced Run with Dorothy and J. Zakira Wise of Spinning Owls Productions. 224 Entertainment’s Jack Gilardi, Jr. and Darby Parker exec produced and negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers with Millennium’s Tristan Tuckfield. Palatin Media is repping international at AFM. The producers are handling Canadian rights.