EXCLUSIVE: WME has signed Mark Webber, whose film The End Of Love got nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at 2012 Sundance and who just wrapped The Ever After. Webber, who wrote The End Of Love, also scripted The Ever After, and stars in it with Melissa Leo, Rosario Dawson, Kid Cudi, Jaime King, and Teresa Palmer. Webber’s earlier film Explicit Ills won the 2008 SXSW Audience Award. Webber is not only a rising director, he’s an inspiration for overcoming adversity. He was raised in Philadelphia by his mom, and both of them lived on the streets part of the time. She has become a renowned advocate for the homeless who ran for Vice President last year with the Green Party. Now he’s with a major agency. He continues with attorney Ira Schreck.