Joan Rivers escaped the Writers Guild of America’s wrath but Fashion Police scribe Larry Amoros has not. After a September 30 hearing, the WGAW board voted on October 11 to expel the guild member for writing for the E! Network’s series during a Guild-sanctioned strike. Amoros has also been hit with a fine of $14,000.00. (UPDATE: Amoros says that he wasn’t actually expelled because the long non-active union member resigned from the WGAW on September 21. Amoros claims the WGAW went after him when he refused to participate in a “witch hunt” against Rivers and others on the E! show.“The purpose is transparent — throw the striking writers, who have been out of work for more than six months, a bone,” Amoros added in a statement Monday. In response, the WGAW says “the disciplinary action was based on conduct he committed before he decided to resign.”) This is the first time the WGAW has expelled a member in recent years. Back in April, writers for the Joan Rivers-hosted panel series walked off the job to protest E!’s unfair labor practices and to gain a WGA contract. WGAW sanctioned the strike and all members were notified that they were prohibited from writing for the show until E! agreed to cover the writers under a Guild contract. Rivers settled with WGA East over the dispute earlier this month. Former writers for the show have been on strike since mid-April for over $1 million in back wages and overtime.