Steve Dayan has won the Secretary-Treasurer job at Local 399 Hollywood by 299 votes over long-term incumbent Leo Reed. In election results released today, Dayan received 1,308 votes to Reed’s 1,009 in the union race. Reed had held the Sec-Treasurer post for 24 years — eight three-year terms. The battle between the two was bitter as Reed dismissed Dayan in July as Local 399’s Business Agent after he announced his intention to run against the incumbent. Dayan had been Biz Agent since 2000. The challenger went after Reed by announcing a need for “new leadership with fresh innovative ideas that move us forward together” in his campaign literature. Dayan’s Members First slate took the Local Presidency and three trustee gigs. Ed Duffy and Rosie Falcon of Reed’s slate took the VP and Recording Secretary jobs. Teamsters Local 399 reps more than 4,500 location managers, drivers, casting directors and animal wranglers in the LA County area.

Here are today’s election winners:

Steve Dayan

Wes Ponsford

Vice President
Ed Duffy

Recording Secretary
Rosie Falcon

Chris Sell
Kenneth Farnell
Gary Zuckerbrod