Having come of age during the greatest era of boxing that included an array of warriors in the welterweight to light heavyweight class that included Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Tommy Hearns, Marvin Hagler and others, I couldn’t be more excited for the Jonathan Jacubowicz-directed Duran film Hands Of Stone. They’ve just cast the Cuban-born discovery Ana De Armas to play Duran’s gorgeous wife Felicidad. She stars alongside Edgar Ramirez, who’s playing the great fighter, Robert De Niro, who’s playing trainer Ray Arcel, and Usher, who’s playing Leonard. The latter fighter was my favorite. It was still hard not to feel sympathy for Duran when he surrendered notoriously in the ring and cried “No mas,” when he had absolutely no game that night against Leonard, who lost their first fight because he made the tactical mistake of trying to outslug Duran and this time used his superior speed and elusive skills to dominate the ring that night. Armas is repped by CAA and Impression Entertainment.