“Excited to join @Twitter as Head of News in January. Leaving @NBCNews at year’s end. Grateful to my beloved colleagues for 2+ great years,” NBC News’ Chief Digital Officer of Vivian Schiller tweeted today, ending weeks of reports she’d been tapped for the gig. That puts her start date after Twitter begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange, as soon as November 7.

It’s a new post for the social media behemoth and one in which she will work to further develop partnerships with old-school news-gathering outfits — like broadcast and cable TV news operations, newspapers, NPR, etc.

The San Francisco-based giant had been looking for someone who could be its liaison with news gathering operations. Schilller’s solid resume includes stints at The New York Times, NPR, CNN, NBCU, and Discovery, though she resigned from NPR last March after a couple of embarrassing incidents, including the release of a video showing a staffer nicking the GOP and the Tea Party.  Website AllThingsD reported earlier this month she was a done deal, but nothing was official until today. She’d been put into her most recent position, at NBCU, by NBC News chief Steve Capus, who has since left; Deborah Turness took over in May.