Until the network figures out how to feature her in an episode of The Blacklist, it appears Miley Cyrus has completed her Strategic Hot Mess Tour through The Platforms Of NBC, with her appearance last night as the guest and music act for the entire hour of Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show. Fallon noted Cyrus had to wear clothes on his show. Miley was too smart for him — yes, she wore a modest white shirt, but with bits of a bra on the outside (her shorts had expired backstage, but her feet were, as usual, very modestly covered). During her interview with Fallon, Cyrus said her appearance on NBC’s Saturday Night Live she was not only the host but the music act on SNL which, like Fallon’s show, is produced by Lorne Michaels — she had the opportunity to show she had other talents besides twerking and “licking stuff”. “I can sing and I can act a little bit too,” she said, adding, “I’m multi-talented. My parents are proud.” Still a tiny bit of the Hannah Montana child in Strategic Hot Mess Miley. She did not discuss what had happened to her shorts (R.I.P.) during her appearance on Today which, according to press reports, had left The NBC Decency Police scrambling as she danced with mushrooms. Watch Miley, Fallon, and The Roots here:

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