NBC no doubt hopes Miley CyrusToday show appearance this morning cops better ratings than did her Saturday Night Live hosting/performing gig over the weekend. Undaunted by NCAA football’s best effort  to nuke her SNL numbers with a nearly half-hour delay, trouper Cyrus packed up her Strategic Hot Mess Tour and sashayed on over to Today to make some news, telling Matt Lauer he’s too old to be sexy, or to understand her VMA performance.

Matt needs the ratings — all good.

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Miley was the only one who mentioned the half-hour football delay — deadline in late-night — that no doubt kept her Twerking Michele Bachmann performance from becoming all the talk on the Sunday Beltway shows the next morning. That football overrun kept Miley from setting any SNL ratings records on the heels of her gone-viral VMA twerkformance. That said, SNL’s delayed-viewing stats will no doubt be even higher than usual. Matt instead, after praising her “really great showing on Saturday Night Live,” wondered if the seasoned pro — who has been slapped in front of TV cameras since around the turn of the century, starred in her own comedy series from ’06-’11, upstaged Justin Timberlake at the VMAs, and had hosted SNL before — was nervous on the late-night stalwart over the weekend. Miley politely explained that she was not. Then Matt said he would never be able to look at another foam finger or wrecking ball the same way again and wondered if it has been harder than she’d expected to navigate the transition from kid star to adult star, and if she was surprised by the attention she’s been getting of late. (Watch Miley talk to Matt after the jump.)

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Miley, who’s 20 in human years but about 50 in Hollywood Years, responded: “Not really, it’s kind of what I wanted. I’m an artist, so I was hoping to get a little attention.” She explained — slowly and in words of not too many syllables — that controversy drives record sales. Matt then wondered if her “Strategic Hot Mess” thing was “a phase” or “here for a while”. She explained to Matt that the way she’s behaving and performing is what people her age do, suggesting it might change eventually because, “I heard when you turn 40, things start to turn less sexual.”

“Do you know how old I am?” Matt interrupted.

“I’m going to guess 40,” Hot Miley said, gazing at him innocently with her heavily mascara-ed eyes — something not easily pulled off.

“I love you again!” Matt raved, telling her he is 55.

“Oh well, then you’re really definitely not sexual,” responded Miley.

Try and top that, Good Morning America!

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