Pivot — the millennial-targeting network launched in August to “entertain and inspire activism” among 18- to 34-year-olds with its “completely different approach to television,” including a “very f—ed up, weird reality talk show” (said Pivot president Evan Shapiro) — today announced that the host of that very f—ed up, weird reality talk show, Meghan McCain, will interview her dad, Sen. John McCain, for the first time.

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The interview, premiering Saturday, will feature Meghan asking Dad, among other things, how he turned “a crushing defeat into an inspiring comeback” during the ’08 presidential bid. In clips sent to the press today, Meghan also asked Dad how millennials “can overcome all the obstacles we are facing and still live a fulfilling life.” He said they need to be involved, but “it doesn’t have to be in the military,” ticking off a couple other ideas. More newsworthy, perhaps, Meghan asked Dad about his failed 2008 presidential race against now-President Obama and how he turned that concession speech — or, as Pivot at one point in its news release called it, his “confession speech” — from a “difficult moment into something that has turned out to be so beautiful.”

The elder McCain explained he thought that presidential campaign could have led to “divisiveness in our country and in our society,” so he spoke directly to the American people and told them he supported their decision to put Obama in the White House. “I think it’s been for the benefit of the country,” said the senator, who was described by Jon Stewart — on his f—ed up, weird realty talk show, just last night — as “the single least self-examining Republican-crazy enabler.” Stewart did so in the context of blaming McCain’s ’08 presidential bid for the recent government shutdown, because McCain opened the Tea Party “Pandora’s box” when he took then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. Who’s a millennial to believe?

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Getting back to Meghan’s interview, she told Dad she loves him very much, loves her mom a lot too, and is the “luckiest girl in the world.” Sen. McCain responded that all his kids turned out better than he could have hoped, but they could each, nonetheless, be a “pain in the ass.”