SANTA MONICA, CA, October 16, 2013 – Reflecting the continued growth and diversification of Lionsgate’s (NYSE: LGF) home entertainment business, industry veteran Akin Ceylan has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Lionsgate’s Home Entertainment Group, it was announced today by Lionsgate Home Entertainment President & General Manager, Sales and Distribution Ron Schwartz, to whom he will continue to report.

Ceylan will be responsible for all operational aspects and infrastructure management of a home entertainment group that is coming off its best year ever in 2012, achieving more than $1 billion in revenue and top five studio market share, driven by two of the biggest blockbuster titles of the calendar year, the first installment of The Hunger Games franchise and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Ceylan is part of the management team guiding Lionsgate’s home entertainment business to another stellar performance this calendar year, propelled by a diverse mix of hits including The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, Now You See Me, a star performer in packaged, digital and on demand media, and A&E’s breakout hit Duck Dynasty.

In addition to managing the operational growth of Lionsgate’s home entertainment business, Ceylan oversees the Company’s distribution and supply chain relationships with an expanding array of packaged media and digital retail partners and maximizes the efficiency of Lionsgate’s home entertainment supply chain. During the past year, he was instrumental in negotiating new home entertainment distribution and replication agreements with Fox and Cinram, respectively, that save Lionsgate millions of dollars annually.

“Akin has been a key contributor to our growth in recent years and, as COO of the Home Entertainment Group, he will help guide the continued expansion of our business as we serve a broadening spectrum of traditional and digital platforms,” said Schwartz. “Akin is a superb operational strategist and consummate tactician who has built outstanding relationships with our retail and digital partners. He is ideally qualified to help us maintain our commitment to being a cutting edge innovator in meeting the evolving needs of today’s home entertainment consumer.”

An eight-year veteran of Lionsgate, Ceylan previously served as Chief Supply Chain Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations for the Home Entertainment Group. Prior to joining Lionsgate in 2005, he served as Senior Vice President, Domestic Operations, for MGM, where he was responsible for their Home Entertainment Group’s North American operations and played a key role in developing and maintaining self-distribution as part of MGM’s strategic growth plan. Ceylan is a member and former Vice Chairman of the Supply Chain Committee of the Digital Entertainment Group.