This is the first elevation of agents to the partner level since ICM Partners completed its management buyout in 2012 and brings the number of partners to 38. The promotions come from both coasts and represent the departments of talent, motion picture literary, television, publishing, theater, concerts, global branded entertainment, and motion picture production. The new partners are co-head of motion picture literary Doug MacLaren, publishing agents Kris Dahl and Jennifer Joel, Hildy Gottlieb and Brian Mann from the agency’s talent department, theater head Patrick Herold, concerts’ Mark Siegel and Chris Smith, head of global branded entertainment Carol Goll, motion picture production’s Dan Baime, and international television and media’s Lori York. “Since the formation of our partnership, we have made significant and strategic changes that have elevated our business to the benefit of our partners, associates and clients”, the agency said in a statement. “The culture of professionalism, collegiality and teamwork that we enjoy at the agency will continue to grow with the addition of our new partners and all of us together.” The new group joins current partners Lorrie Bartlett, Bonnie Bernstein, John Burnham, Ted Chervin, Carter Cohn, Harley Copen, Kevin Crotty, Dan Donahue, Mark Gordon, Sloan Harris, Paul Hook, Toni Howard, Chuck James, Michael Kagan, Steve Levine, Rick Levy, Greg Lipstone, Esther Newberg, Janet Carol Norton, Dar Rollins, Adam Schweitzer, Chris Silbermann, Amanda Urban, Chris von Goetz, Bart Walker, Joanne Wiles and Eddy Yablans.