The search giant casually made the disclosure in a post on its Google+ social network. Google says that it will instantly tell people looking up a TV series when the next season starts, as well as info for upcoming episodes. For example, if you’re a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Google says: “Try searching for [the walking dead tv show] and you’ll see all episodes listed along with their air dates. The first season kicks off with an episode called ’30 Days Without An Accident’ on October 13, which means you only have a few days to refresh your memory by watching last season’s final episode, ‘Welcome to the Tombs’.” Google adds that the new info complements data about ratings, cast, and characters it already provides in its Knowledge Graph. Those who want to be reminded to watch can click a button to have a card pop up when they check in with the Google Now personal assistant service. Google also provides links to find information about past episodes.