FNC‘s The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson attracted 1.135 million in its opening Monday afternoon at 2 PM – more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. That’s also 8% better than the timeslot’s 3rd quarter average and 6% better than its September average. Gretchen’s got some work to do in the news demo. Her audience of 129,000 is 33% lower than the hour’s 3rd quarter average and 37% lower than its September average. On the other hand, she still beat CNN’s Newsroom  (127,000) and MSNBC’s Newsnation (93,000) in the age bracket. “My goal, with every interview – politics, legal, financial —  is to hold everyone’s feet to the fire because you deserve the real story,” the former Fox & Friends co-anchor told viewers as she kicked off her new daily series. “I’ve never been afraid to share my faith, so we will discuss belief in America. What I love about the title is the word ‘real.’ I’m from the Midwest, my parents were great role models who taught me core values and humility. I may live in New York now, but I am still a Midwestern girl at heart, and I want the show to reach out to all viewers coast to coast. Genuine, authentic and real. I hope you will see all those qualities every day.”

Watch Carlson’s new-series launch here: