After her overnight success — and Academy Award — for the Juno script a half-dozen years ago, Diablo Cody became quite the Hollywood sensation. Two films, a Showtime series and some uncredited stuff later, she’s making her directorial debut with Image Entertainment’s October 18 release Paradise. In that time the polarizing Cody learned a few lessons about extending her first 15 minutes into a career: Namely, learn to deal and tone it down. Yawn. Here’s one of seven tips she shared with Vulture: “I said a lot of stupid things in interviews because I figured no one was paying attention — who cares about screenwriters, generally? But my big mouth got me into trouble countless times. As a ‘visible’ writer, you have to learn to conduct yourself like an actor. Say what you’ve been coached to say. Don’t talk shit about anyone. Behind closed doors, I’m still a drunk train wreck, but in interviews, I try to channel Sandra Bullock or someone else the public finds charming.”

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