EXCLUSIVE: On the heels of the success of Banshee, Cinemax has put in development another Western-themed drama project, this time with an European setting. Blood & Ice, from Banshee director Ole Christian Madsen (OC Madsen), is an American/Scandinavian Western-inspired action drama about the near-future race to control the vast natural resources hiding in the Arctic. A series of brutal murders shatters the provincial calm of Greenland as Chinese, Americans and Russians start pouring into the region. Blood & Ice was created by Creative Alliance’s Madsen and screenwriter Anders Thomas Jensen, and the story was developed by Christian Muff, Madsen, and Anders Thomas Jensen. Creative Alliance is a co-op of prominent Scandinavian directors and producers, including Danish filmmaker Madsen, whose movies include the 2011 Danish Oscar entry Superclasico. Madsen and Jensen are executive producing Blood & Ice, with Muff as co-executive producer.