EXCLUSIVE: Two years ago, Bruce Rosenblum rocked the establishment at the TV Academy with his surprising decision to run for chairman. He won over veteran TV Academy officer Nancy Bradley Wiard to become the first Hollywood heavyweight to lead the organization in almost two decades. Back then, Rosenblum was president of Warner Bros Television Group and in the running to take over Warner Bros Entertainment. Things are different this time around, with Rosenblum out of Warner Bros and leading the TV and digital divisions of Legendary Entertainment. The major career change raised the question whether Rosenblum, whose TV Academy stint was considered by some as a move in support of his candidacy for the top Warner Bros Entertainment job, would go again. Well, it looks like it was more that a strategic move. I’ve learned that Rosenblum will be running for a second term. Nobody would comment as no information about candidates for the various TV Academy elected-officer positions will be disclosed until after the deadline for submitting paperwork October 31.

With Rosenblum back in the race, the question is whether anyone would go against him. The consensus among TV Academy sources is that that appears unlikely and there is a good chance that Rosenblum would run unopposed — though a surprise rival is always a possibility. We’ll wait until next week to hear Rosenblum’s motives to run again, but I hear he was pleased with the progress he made during first first term and wanted to see through the changes he’d put in motion. Two years ago, he ran on a platform of making the TV Academy more relevant beyond the Emmy Awards and making it more inclusive, acknowledging the rise of digital players like Netflix and Amazon. In his speech before the 2011 vote, he spoke about his passion for television and laid out his priorities, including “increased professional development events, increased revenue opportunities, including digital and strategic partner sponsorships, a renewed focus on diversity initiatives, increased financial support for the philanthropic efforts of the Foundation and a campaign to limit runaway production.” In some of his first moves at the Academy, Rosenblum recruited top TV executives, writers and producers like Steve Mosko, Dana Walden, Ryan Murphy and Gail Berman. The Primetime Emmy Awards the last two years with hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Neil Patrick Harris were well received and did well in the ratings. The Board Of Governors will convene to hear from all candidates and vote on November 21.