Dakota’s Troy Miller most recently directed the opening film montage for this past Sunday’s Primetime Emmys and opening film segments for several Academy Awards shows as well. Now he’s partnering with Montreal-based Encore’s François Rozon and Vincent Gagné, serving both as a creative consultant and executive producer on upcoming projects. They will mainly serve Canadian broadcasters (English and French). But U.S. and international markets will also be targeted, with Miller taking on a larger role in those productions. A head of development for the venture will be named soon. “I’m not entirely sure how we will all ‘fit in a boat made of tables’, at least, that’s what I think François said (I don’t speak French). However I’m confident that with Dream Role and the international alliance between Dakota and Encore we will make some hilarious comedy together”, Miller said in a statement. Miller is exec producer and co-director (with Mitch Hurwitz) of Arrested Development.

The partners’ first project, currently being developed, is Dream Role, based on Encore Television’s original French-Canadian format Reves d’Acteurs which recently premiered on French CBC channel ARTV. Another upcoming project is an English version of a Seinfeld-esque one-camera sitcom series, Les beaux malaises, written and starring Martin Matte.