Showtime‘s Homeland became the latest victim of online piracy today when the show’s Season 3 premiere was leaked ahead of its September 29 debut. Over 100K users of file-sharing protocol BitTorrent have pirated the episode via various piracy sites within hours of its upload, reports TorrentFreak. Homeland producer 20th Century Fox has its anti-piracy unit working on the issue. Showtime widely distributed screeners of its Homeland Season 3 premiere episode to press last month at TCA, although the leaked version is reportedly a workprint missing VFX and opening credits. A spokesperson for BitTorrent says true download numbers are not trackable on the company’s official site except to the original uploader. The company is making continuing efforts to shake its reputation as a piracy site by teaming with content creators on co-branded campaigns, most recently on Converge Studios’ TV series Fly Or Die which generated over a million legit downloads after launching last month.

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