EXCLUSIVE: If World War Z benefited from Brad Pitt showing up in theaters around the country on opening weekend, what’s the value when real rock stars get involved? Picturehouse is putting the members of Metallica on the road to greet audiences next week when the distributor opens the 3D pic Metallica Through The Never (check out the trailer below). The band plays together tonight at Harlem’s Apollo Theater. I don’t know their plans tomorrow, but it would be a shame if they don’t head to nearby Yankees Stadium for the team’s farewell ceremony for Mariano Rivera, who is as identified with Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” anthem as he is for his unhittable cut fastball.

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After that, the members split up and hit the road to stump for the film. Lead singer/guitarist James Hetfield heads to San Francisco to host a 10 PM appearance at a theater to be determined, and midnight at the AMC Emeryville on Thursday; drummer Lars Ulrich will host two screenings in Los Angeles that night, including a 10 PM at the Chinese, and the following day heads for Riverside’s AMC Tyler Galleria and Norwalk’s AMC Norwalk; guitar virtuoso Kirk Hammett hosts a 10 PM Thursday screening at the AMC Mayfair in Wauwatosa, WI and midnight at the AMC Woodfield in Schaumburg in Chicago, before heading on Friday to the AMC Gulf Point in Houston and the AMC Northpark in Dallas; bassist Robert Trujillo spends Thursday at the AMC New Brunswick in New Jersey at 10 PM and midnight at Philadelphia’s AMC Franklin Mills, and next day at D.C.’s Regal Majestic 20 and Boston’s AMC Boston Commons.

The band is clearly invested in the film, which premiered at Toronto and also stars Dane DeHaan. The Metallica members wrote it with director Nimrod Antal. Unlike Mariano Rivera opponents, they’re batting 1.000 on the movie scorecard after their extraordinarily entertaining rock-gods-inexistential-crisis docu Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster. In Metallica Through The Never, DeHaan plays a young roadie sent on an urgent mission as the band plays an arena show. Here’s the trailer: