NBC News is launching its Peacock Productions international division in the UK and has named Steve Anderson its managing director. Starting next month, Anderson will oversee international TV production for NBC News’ longform production unit known for its specials, documentaries and reality series. (Most recently, Peacock Prods made news with Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda, its live special for Discovery Channel in which Wllenda crossed the Little Colorado River Gorge near Grand Canyon National Park.)

Peacock Productions president Sharon Scott noted Anderson’s track record producing “high-impact” documentaries”. Among his recent credits, the former BBC News senior field producer — who covered wars in Iraq and Bosnia — include three docus about Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius’ case, among them TLC’s Blade Runner: The Untold Story. Anderson, who oversaw ITV News coverage of 9/11 and the Gulf War, also lists on his resume the docus The Cleveland Captives: What Really Happened, and Michael Jackson’s Final Days: What Really Happened.