EXCLUSIVE: Sidelined since ending his long run as president of the Warner Bros Motion Picture Group in June, Jeff Robinov has become free and clear of the studio and is now able to plan his next move. I’m told that this has just become official and while Robinov wasn’t reachable for comment, his ability to resurface should make more interesting a fall that has already been filled with shakeups and ousters of studio executives and producers.

The former powerhouse agent of filmmakers who was an advocate of Warner Bros-based directors from Baz Luhrmann to Ben Affleck, Todd Phillips and Zach Snyder, Robinov has widely been rumored to be heading for a post at Fox under Jim Gianopulos. I don’t think that is at all set in stone, and I’m hearing it is quite possible that Robinov will find another vehicle for his return.

Those machinations will now begin playing out, now that he’s no longer shackled by any contractual obligation to Warner Bros. Despite the soaring success of the Superman reboot Man Of Steel that had his stamp on it, Robinov’s relationship with higher-ups at the studio became strained after he was bypassed for the CEO job in favor of Kevin Tsujihara. After Robinov was ousted, Tsujihara set a leadership troika of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution president Sue Kroll, president of Creative Development and Worldwide Production Greg Silverman and New Line president/COO Toby Emmerich, who added oversight of Warner Bros Theater Ventures.