Gloria Estefan sang “I’ve Grown Accustomed To His Face” in honor of Gretchen Carlson, who got sheet-caked this morning on her last day at Fox & Friends. Throughout her final three hours on the early-morning program, Carlson thanked her hair and makeup people for making her look better than she felt at 3 AM each day, the show crew and producers, and her three alarm clocks for waking her up without fail  — she noted she’d never overslept once in her run  (She started on the show in 2006, one year after joining FNC). Geraldo Rivera was among those who stopped by to wish her well. Carlson, who’s just begun on Twitter, asked Rivera for tweeting advice. “Just let me whip this off,” said he of the famous naked selfie, and pretended to begin removing his clothing. “Don’t do it after 1 AM, don’t do it after two tequila shots and don’t take off your blouse,” he advised.

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Carlson noted it was also the 25th anniversary of her having been crowned Miss America. The 1989 pageant winner is being replaced by Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the 2001 Survivor finalist, who starts Monday. In July, Fox News announced Hasselbeck would leave ABC’s The View and join F&F this month, with longtime host Carlson getting her own show in the afternoon. Carlson, who has been responsible for some of the most exuberantly head-scratchy morning infotainment TV moments — and the head-scratchy bar is set pretty high in that daypart — explained to viewers that “Yippy skippy” is an expression she actually uses off-camera, hinting it may become the name of a regular segment on her new show, devoted to good news. Consider yourself warned.