Open Road Films is acquiring The Green Inferno, the horror thriller written and directed by Eli Roth that premiered over the weekend in Toronto in the Midnight Madness section. I’m hearing there is no minimum guarantee with a gross corridor but that the pic will get a wide release. Roth’s movies always make money with their low budgets, so Roth and his financiers are betting on the upside. CAA repped the deal. Green Inferno centers on student activists from New York who travel to the remote jungles of Peru in order to stage a protest but find they are on the menu when they encounter a tribe of cannibals. Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy and Sky Ferreira star in the film, produced and financed by Worldview Entertainment’s Molly Conners and Chris Woodrow. Simon Halls, Miguel Asensio and Nicolas Lopez also are producers. It marks Roth’s first feature directing effort since 2007’s Hostel 2 and extends his winning streak at Toronto. Last year he killed it selling a pair of titles he produced to Dimension Films for upwards of $2 million each: Aftershock, which he also starred in, and Clown.

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