On the heels of Bravo topper Frances Berwick also getting oversight of Oxygen Media, she has set her team for both networks. There is very little overlap, with only a couple of eliminated positions and most senior executives at both networks staying put, including heads of development Andy Cohen (Bravo) and Rod Aissa (Oxygen). Here is Berwick’s memo:

I’m writing today to introduce the new senior management team for Bravo and Oxygen. It’s an incredibly talented group of people with a fantastic track record. They’re not only smart and strategic, but they’ve all consistently contributed to an atmosphere of collaboration, respect and inspiration…which sets the stage for even greater days ahead for two outstanding brands.

They are:

Rod Aissa, SVP Development and Production, Oxygen Media
Andy Cohen, EVP Development and Talent, Bravo Media
Jennifer Geisser, SVP Communications, Bravo and Oxygen Media
Mike Haggerty SVP Research, Bravo and Oxygen Media
Lisa Hsia, EVP Digital, Bravo and Oxygen Media
Jerry Leo, EVP Program Strategy and Acquisitions Bravo and Oxygen Media, and Production Bravo Media
Ellen Stone, EVP Marketing, Bravo and Oxygen Media
Holly Tang, CFO Bravo and Oxygen Media

Please join me in congratulating everyone on the team.