Keanu Reeves came to a Summer TV Press Tour Q&A session to talk — sometimes in French — about the workflow of digital versus the workflow of photochemical film. Yes, it was mind-numbing but, in fairness, it is the subject of the documentary he’s here to plug, Side By Side. Yes, it was released as a feature film about a year ago. But PBS is airing it on August 30. More accurately, PBS is airing parts of it – cut it down a bunch. Anyway, at some point, some brave TV critic screwed up the nerve to ask Reeves about the status of Bill & Ted 3. More than a year ago, Reeves told GQ the third iteration of the slacker sci-fi franchise would have B&T trying to write the world’s greatest song, and traveling, Ebenezer Scrooge-style, to see what they’ll be like in the future if they fail to finish this tune. Back then, the script was either coming along nicely or finished, depending on who you Google.
“There’ve been a couple of drafts now,” Reeves said this afternoon. “And we’re waiting on the writers to come up with another draft.

Which we’re all looking forward to,” he added wryly.