Jeff Garlin hijacked The Goldbergs Q&A session at Summer TV Press Tour 2013.  Best known as one of Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm regulars, Garlin plays the dad on this new ABC 80’s-set sitcom, based on the childhood of show creator Adam Goldberg — whose family apparently screamed its way through the decade he recorded every moment on a clunky video recorder. A couple of “why is 25 years back the sweet spot for narrated comedies, including The Wonder Years, Happy Days, etc?” questions into the session, one TV critic took issue with Garlin’s dad character screaming throughout the episode and asked if that could keep up up for 22 episodes. “When it becomes annoying I’ll stop – and I’ll be the first to notice” Garlin snapped. Then added sarcastically, “You look so disappointed in my answer.” Another critic said Garlin was old enough to have lived through the 1980s and what did he think of the show’s many verisimilitudinous touches. That also irked him plenty. “I did the show because the 80’s is deep in the background. If we use the 80’s for a big joke, the show is not going to last very long,” he forecasted — as have some TV critics, BTW.

But when another member of press took issue with George Segal‘s portrayal of the grandfather as a “stereotypical old man,” there was this explosion and the air was filled with the scattered fragments of Garlin’s cool.“I love that! he screeches. “What’s your name?!”

“You’re playing poker. I know you’re not typing what we’re saying! What are you typing?!” he demanded of the critics, who had their noses in their laptops, blogging/tweeting/columnizing his fit.

“I’m not going to do anything, other than Curb, that’s shit, to be a sellout,” Garlin continued to foam over. “Real, honest writing is great.  If ever becomes hackneyed. I would be on the show and you’d have a story of me walking – after arguing. The writers we have are great, and doing a great job, doing a show that’s soulful and real.”

When one critic asked Segal if his character’s line about being Burt Reynolds meant he had a lot of sex in his day, or only thought he had, Garlin jumped in, “I’m playing it like he got laid a lot – because I’m not,” adding, “You can laugh any time you want,” because critics weren’t.

“What are you doing!” he shrieked moments later at a reporter, apropo of we don’t even know what, and jumped up from his chair on the stage. “Headphones! Headphones!” he shouted. “Transcribing, my ass – I saw you looking at your iPod… Your name is Baron Von In The Moment!”

One brave critic asked Garlin if he’d figured out Larry David yet.

That was a mistake.

“I’m not trying to figure out Larry David,” Garlin sneered. “I’m just appreciating him.” Then Garlin mocked the room for having asked David, earlier in the press tour, if he planned to do more episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and for their Larry David Unsure If He Will Make More Curb headlines. “The news is, he’s UNSURE?!” Garlin shrieked. “Do you think he’s EVER ‘not unsure’? I tell you one thing he doesn’t have, and that’s ‘The X Factor’,” Garlin continued,savaging the critic who’d asked The Goldbergs cast member Hayley Orrantia about her time on that singing show. “Larry David only WISHES he had The X Factor!”

“Thank you. I’m happy with that answer,” the critic responded, presumably to make sure Garlin wouldn’t hurt him.