Diane Haithman contributes to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Call The Midwife breakout star Miranda Hart (who portrays the hapless “Chummy”) wants to call Matthew Perry.

The 6-foot-1-inch comedian said at today’s TCA that she’s a bit dazzled by Hollywood. Hart (who also writes and stars in her own British sitcom Miranda) appeared to be only half-joking when she said her main goal during her TCA visit is “to meet Matthew Perry.” “We are to be married,” she said with mock-innocence.

She also admitted to getting flirty with Arnold Schwarzenegger when both were guests on The Graham Norton Show. “I found myself touching him quite a bit…I wanted to feel his gun,” she deadpanned, miming a muscle-squeeze. When asked if they had exchanged e-mails, she was rendered speechless: “I can’t even make a joke about that.”

Never mind Perry and Schwarzenegger — is Hollywood calling, and does Miranda want it to? “Yes, please,” she said, but added: “No, I haven’t really explored [that option]. I’ve been so busy back home. It’s on the bucket list for sure to do a comedy film, even if it was just one line on the lot. And I must meet Matthew Perry…”

Hart also squelched a rumor that she had been asked to be the new, female Dr. Who. “No, it wasn’t true—but [the rumor was] that it was between me and Helen Mirren,” she said, adding that she wasn’t particular flattered by the thought she’d be perfect in a half-alien role. But she added thoughtfully that if the rumor had been true, it would have been a “tough decision.”