Diane Haithman contributes to Deadline’s TCA coverage.

Today at TCA, cast and producers of Fox’s new cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine said they will tap into their pool of funny friends as cameo guest stars —especially star Andy Samberg’s pals from SNL (Fred Armisen has a cameo in the pilot).

But after the panel, creator/executive producer Michael Schur said audiences should not expect cast members of his other comedy, Parks And Recreation, to appear on Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast anytime soon. “Nick Offerman has already volunteered” to appear, Schur said, but he and fellow creator/EP Dan Goor (also a Parks And Rec producer/writer) wants to let the Brooklyn cast “get on track” before trying any cross-pollination.

Also after the panel, Schur also described the departure of Parks And Rec‘s Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones as amicable. “Nobody screamed and yelled and said ‘I quit,’ ” he said. “The real headline is: Everybody’s happy.”

Schur and Goor were asked whether they expected this season to be Parks And Rec’s last. The pair did not confirm or deny. Goor would only say that the writers will proceed as though there is no end in sight. “We leave everything on the field,” Goor said. “We are not slowing the DNA of the show.”

Back to the new show: Schur, Goor and Samberg (who is both starring and producing) said the comedy would not be a spoof or a satire, but a workplace comedy. Also Samberg’s Det. Jake Peralta will be a screwball who is still a real good cop. Schur said that comedies like Naked Gun and Police Squad make it tough to explain that to a roomful of “38-year-old comedy writers” that the mold is more Barney Miller than Naked Gun.

The producers said that important crimes will be solved, but episodes will have equal focus on personal lives and workplace issues. The series also stars Andre Braugher, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Chelsea Peretti, Stephanie Beatriz and Joe Lo Truglio, all of whom were on the panel. The producers said they wanted the cast to reflect the ethnic diversity of a real Brooklyn precinct office.

Samberg called working with a script instead of the SNL improv model “liberating and freeing … to just be handed 25 great jokes is the best feeling a comedian could have.” Commenting on his career trajectory, the performer said: “I don’t generally try to think about trajectory because every time I’ve tried to do that it has backfired, like, miserably for me.” He said that, as a huge fan of Parks And Rec and Amy Poehler, he knew he was going to say yes to the new series.