UPDATE, 10:05 AM: Tuesday’s hacking of the New York Times also included similar attacks on Twitter and Huffington Post UK, although those outlets were not as widely affected as the completely KO’ed NYT website. Twitter acknowledged a two-hour service issue “in which it appears DNS records for various organizations were modified” including one of Twitter’s image servers and HuffPo UK reported “minimal disruption of service.” All three website registrations went through Melbourne IT, which LAT reports was the source of the breach after a phishing attack on the firm gave hackers access to a company reseller’s username and password.

PREVIOUS, TUES PM: The New York Times has confirmed that its website domain name registrar Melbourne IT was hack-attacked earlier today “by the Syrian Electronic Army or someone trying very hard to be them.” That’s according to an internal email sent out by NYT Chief Information Officer Marc Frons. He also warned employees not to send sensitive info via email until security was restored. Hacker group Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for the NYT hacking on Twitter. Ironically it also claimed to have hacked Twitter’s domain today along with those of NYT and Huffington Post. As select NYT pages were restored this afternoon, the paper claimed today’s assault was its first hacking by the SEA.

PREVIOUS, TUES 1:57 PM: A site outage struck the New York Times website this afternoon marking the second time in two weeks that it has gone dark. “[The] issue is most likely result of malicious external attack. working to fix,” tweeted company rep Eileen Murphy. The Wall Street Journal capitalized on the attack by temporarily taking down its paywall to lure stymied NYT readers. On August 14, the NYT site was out of commission for two hours due to “a server issue” that forced the paper to post news and updates to Facebook. Fox Business called it a “cyber attack.”

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